The Weekend

How to Create a Sustainable Health and Fitness Legacy

The Corporate Games are about celebrating active lifestyles.


Competitors can take part in all 4 elements that make up, “The Weekend”:

  1.  A series of Professional Development Workshops,
  2.  A community Health & Fitness Expo,
  3.  An Educational Wellness Symposium for HR and Wellness professionals,
  4.  and, the Olympic-style, multi-sport competition known as the US Corporate Games (an Adaptive Sport Experience  available to all participating organizations).


By offering this combination, we are able to provide more opportunities for organizations, team members, sponsors, and the local community to engage with one another and experience maximum impact. Our intention is to leave a sustaining legacy in your community long after the Games occur.


Here’s How To Get Your Celebration On:


The Saturday Evening of “The Weekend” is dedicated to celebration. We start with a Parade of Athletes where team members have the opportunity to march in an Olympic Games-esque fashion sporting the logos and colors of their organizations.

This is followed by the Opening Celebration containing entertainment, and a welcome address from the Patron of the Games. Once the “opening festivities” have concluded, everyone is invited to participate in the Great Games Party which is a few hours of networking, music, and dancing for those who enjoy getting a little boogie on.


Bringing it Back to the Mission


 Our “Fostering an Active America Weekend” was created to actively engage in the battle against the inactivity pandemic in America. Our mission is to leverage competitive sport as an opportunity to foster active, thriving, confident families while impacting communities across the world.


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